Pitching | An introduction to Pitching.

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A Pitch Shot is played differently to full length shots and Chip Shots due to the distance they are played from. If I can assume you are playing a Pitch Shot from a flat lie with calm weather conditions this type of Shot tends to be played from an area approximately 50yds - 120yds from a green.

When playing a Pitch Shot the length and pace of your 'Hand & Arm Swing' needs to control How Hard, How Far and How High your ball travels in flight. As with Chipping your body weight will favor your Left Leg throughout your shot and your body should have very little rotational involvement to help to create 'Control' and 'Feel' in your 'Hand & Arm Swing'.

In my 'Pitching Instruction' I am going to give clear a description of points to take into account when playing a 'Pitch Shot'.

Such as;

  1. What information to look for and use before playing your shot?
  2. Creating your 'Address & Posture Position' to be able to play a 'Pitch Shot'.
  3. Making an effective 'Golf Swing' to be able to play a 'Pitch Shot' with great success!

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Always play with a positive attitude and full commitment!


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  • Tips to help work your Pitch Shot out!

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