The Address & Posture Position | Club Alignment.

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I've divided the 'Address & Posture Position' into five instructional 'Lesson Headings' for ease of explanation.

These are;

1. Club Alignment.
2. The Grip Position.
3. Creating a Stance Position.
4. Ball Position.
5. Posture.



The width of your 'Stance' and 'Distance' you stand from the ball will vary when using different clubs in your set, ranging from a wider position when using a 'Driver' to a narrower position when using a shorter club such as a 'Pitching Wedge'. Within this Address & Posture Instruction I'm working with a 7 iron throughout.


Ok lets get started:

1. 'Club Alignment'.

One of the most common 'Faults' I see when giving a golf lesson is a player using poor Club Alignment at Address. This can create a domino effect of 'Faults' by causing your Body Alignment to be poorly aligned that results in your Golf Swing (Hand & Arm Swing) becoming restricted and unable to work efficiently around your body resulting in poor shots being played.

Lesson Image (click to enlarge)             Lesson Image (click to enlarge)               The Clubhead in an Open Position.                                         The Clubhead in a Closed Position.

Poor 'Club Alignment' can be corrected very easily and quite effectively by firstly identifying a 'Target Line'. This is a line running from your golf ball to your Target (The ball's landing area) that will enable you to aim your Club squarely to your Target and it will also enable you to align your Body squarely to the 'Target Line'.


  • Here are some useful Tip's to help you identify a 'Target Line'.

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    Examples of an easy, medium & difficult Target Line.

    To identify a clear effective 'Target Line' I would first of all like you to stand behind your ball and face your Target, this will give you a clear view of your shot.

    Then visually create an imaginary line from your ball to your Target, which is the area you intend to land your ball in and we'll call this your 'Landing Area'.

    Then try to identify a large land mark beyond your target such as a tree, bush, building etc... that is positioned on your Target Line.

    This will now give you a clear aiming point to use for ease of sighting when placing your Clubhead behind the ball.



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            Reference points along the Target Line.

    Then pick out an object, such as a divot, weed or a mark on the ground positioned approximately ten to fifteen feet in front of your Ball that's also on your Target Line.

    You will now have four clear aiming points to refer to when positioning your Clubhead behind the ball to align your Clubface squarely to your 'Target Line'.

    1. Your Golf Ball.
    2. Your Target. (The ball's landing area)
    3. A large object or land mark behind your Target.
    4. An aiming point just in front of your ball.



    Now you will have clearly identified your 'Target Line' you can start aiming your Club by placing the Clubhead behind the Ball so it's positioned in the middle of the Clubface. You will have also placed the Bottom Edge or the Bottom Groove of your Clubhead on to your Target Line.

    Lesson Image (click to enlarge)             Lesson Image (click to enlarge)                         The Leading Edge.                                                  Positioning the Clubface behind the ball.


    The bottom edge or bottom groove of your Clubface is known as the 'Leading Edge' of the Clubhead and should be used to align the Club squarely to your Target, it should be positioned at ninety degrees to your 'Target Line'.

    Start your 'Club Alignment' by holding the club's 'Grip Handle' in your right hand then place the Clubhead behind the Ball so it's positioned in the middle of the Clubface. This action will help to stop the top of the Grip Handle / Butt End being positioned either to far in front or behind the Clubface when placing the Clubhead on to your Target Line.

    Lesson Image (click to enlarge)             Lesson Image (click to enlarge)             Placing the Club onto the Target Line.                                                    The Club Alignment.


    Your Golf Club will now be positioned squarely behind the ball with the Butt End of the Grip Handle positioned slightly in front of the Clubhead. At this point you are now ready to continue on with the next part of your Address & Posture Routine, which is your 'Grip Position'.


    Check Out Your Next Lesson.

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                             The Grip Position'.

    Using a square and balanced 'Grip Position' is essential for you to create 'Feel' in your Hands that will enable you to control the club throughout your Golf Swing.

    Within this lesson I will explain how to position both hands correctly and squarely on to the club then i'll explain how both hands should 'Feel' relaxed and balanced while holding the club that will enable your Hands to control the Golf Club.


  • The Grip Position Lesson


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