The Address & Posture Position | The Grip Position.

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I have divided the 'Address & Posture Position' into five instructional 'Lesson Headings' for ease of explanation.

These are;

1. Club Alignment.
2. The Grip Position.
3. Creating a Stance Position.
4. Ball Position.
5. Posture.



The width of your 'Stance' and 'Distance' you stand from the ball will vary when using different clubs in your set, ranging from a wider position when using a 'Driver' to a narrower position when using a shorter club such as a 'Pitching Wedge'. Within this Address & Posture Instruction I'm working with a 7 iron throughout.


Ok lets get started:

2. 'The Grip Position'.

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                         The Grip Position.

Each Club has a handle at the top of its shaft for your hands to hold which is commonly known as the club's 'Grip Handle'.

These are normally made out of a rubber compound but sometimes a leather wrap is used and wrapped around the top of the club's Shaft for your hands to hold and control the Golf Club.

Within this 'Grip Position' instruction I am going to describe how to Squarely Position both Hands onto the Golf Club then I will describe how both hands need to 'FEEL' balanced and relaxed while holding the 'Grip Handle'.




  • 'Positioning your Left Hand.'
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         Laying the Grip Handle across the fingers.

    To start your 'Grip Position' open your Left Hand and spread your Fingers. Then place the 'Butt End' of the club across your Left Hand so the 'Grip Handle' is lying on the first joint of your little finger, which is the nearest joint to the palm of your hand.

    Position your little finger so it is approximately One Inch (2.5cm) away from the Top / Butt End of the Golf Club.

    After completing this position lay the 'Grip Handle' diagonally across your fingers so the club is now laying diagonally across from the first joint of your Little Finger to the last joint of your Forefinger.



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                     The Left Hand Grip Position.

    Close your hand up and allow your Left Thumb to lie slightly on the right side of the 'Grip Handle' and in a parallel position to the 'Golf Shaft'.

    To help identify the centre line of your 'Grip Handle' most rubber grips have manufacturer's markings, names or patterns stamped on them to signify the centre line of the grip.

    'Feel' your fingers cradling the 'Grip Handle' like holding an egg without cracking it's shell so your fingers are in a relaxed state. Then double check the position of your Left Thumb to ensure it is lying slightly on the right side of the centre line and in a parallel position to the 'Golf Shaft'.


  • 'Please Note'

  • The back of your left hand is now aiming squarely along your Target Line and facing your Target. It is also aiming in the same direction as the leading edge of your Clubhead, which is already aiming squarely along your 'Target Line' due to the completion of the first step of your Address Routine - Club Alignment.

    Also when you have completed your Left Hand Position you will have now created a 'Club and Left Hand Grip Position'. At this point I would like you to create the 'FEELING' of the Club being an extension of your Left Arm.


    By 'FEELING' the Club is an extension of your Left Arm you will encourage your Left Hand and Left Arm to lead and control your 'Hand & Arm Swing' when moving through your Backswing, Downswing and Impact Position.

    This point will make more sense when you look at my 'Body Movements Lesson' and my 'Hand & Arm Swing Lesson' where I will explain this 'FEELING' in more detail.


  • 'Positioning your Right Hand'.
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         Laying the Grip Handle across the fingers.

    To complete your 'Grip Position' place your Right Hand below your Left Hand so your hands are together on the 'Grip Handle'. The little finger of your right hand should be touching, inter-locking or overlapping the fore finger of your Left Hand then position the 'Grip Handle' diagonally across your fingers and close your hand up.

    When closing your Right Hand it is important to cover your Left Thumb with the inside of your Right Thumb and allow your thumb to lay slightly left of the center line of the Grip Handle.

    Your thumb should be relaxed to avoid any downward pressure being applied against the Golf Handle!



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                   The completed Grip Position.

    The 'Grip Handle' will now be cradled in the fingers of both hands with the back of your Right Hand in an opposite but square position to the back of your Left Hand with the back of your Left Hand and the back of your Right Hand positioned at ninety degrees to your 'Target Line!'

    The V between your thumb and fore-finger of both hands should be pointing up to a point between your Chin and Right Shoulder.





    There are basically three different 'Grip Positions' that are commonly used in golf today and these are:

  • 'The Inter-lock Grip'

  • 'The Baseball Grip'

  • 'The Vardon Grip'

  • All three Positions are identical in terms of Hand Positioning with the only difference being the position of the Little Finger of the Right Hand and the positioning of the Forefinger of the Left Land, here is a quick explanation of all three 'Grip Positions'.


  • 'The Inter-Lock Grip Position'.
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                            The 'Inter-Lock Grip'.

    The little finger of the right hand and the forefinger of the left hand will wrap around each other to 'Inter Lock'. This position ensures both hands stay together on the 'Grip Handle' and will encourage your hands to work as one unit.

    I would recommend this type of 'Grip Position' to a player with larger hands or long fingers.







  • 'The Baseball Grip Position.
  • Lesson Image (click to enlarge)

                            The 'Baseball Grip'.

    Both hands are positioned on the 'Grip Handle' without your fingers inter-locking or over lapping, although it is important to ensure both hands stay together on the 'Grip Handle' at all times to encourage your hands to work as one unit.

    I would recommend this type of 'Grip Position' for a player with small hands or shorter fingers and I would suggest juniors use this type of hand position until their hands develop!






  • 'The Vardon Grip Position'.
  • Lesson Image (click to enlarge)

                            The 'Vardon Grip'.

    This type of Grip Position' is named after the famous golfer 'Harry Vardon' who played this great game from 1870 to 1937 and won many major honours in this time. In his glittering career he created and developed a new type of 'Grip Position'. He over lapped the little finger, on his right hand, around the forefinger of his left hand to ensure both hands stayed together on the 'Grip Handle'.

    This position would also give him 'Feel' and 'Control in his Hand Action that would encourage both hands to work together as a unit troughout his Golf Swing. Over the years the 'Vardon Grip' has been adopted by many golfers and is probably the most popular 'Grip Position' used in golf today!



    "For all golfers starting to play this wonderful game I would recommend trying all three 'Grip Positions' until you find the one that is best suited to your hand size and comfortable for your golf game!"

    Check Out Your Next Lesson.

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                            The Stance Position.

    Your 'Stance Position' is an essential part of your Address Position as it should give stability and balance for your 'Body Movements' and 'Hand & Arm Swing' to perform from.

    With this lesson I will explain how to create a square and balanced Stance Position by positioning your feet and body weight correctly to the ball.



  • Creating The Stance Lesson


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