Body Movements in the Golf Swing | Introduction to my Body Movement Lesson.

Your 'Golf Swing' has three main components that are required to create consistency in your Ball Striking that will help you to control the Golf Ball, and these are;

1. A square and balanced 'Address & Posture Position'.
2. Rotating your 'Body' around 'Angles & Lines' that have been created in the 'Address & Posture Position'.
3. Movements your Hand & Arm Swing and Golf Club makes to create a free flowing and repeating 'Golf Swing'.

Within my 'Body Movements Lesson' I am first of all going to talk about the importance of creating a foundation of 'Angles & Lines' in your 'Address & Posture Position'. Then I will talk about rotating your 'Core Body Movements' (Stomach, Chest & Shoulders) round these 'Angles & Lines'. Then I am going to talk about space your 'Core Body' creates for your 'Hand & Arm Swing' (Golf Swing) to move freely into. This will encourage a wider and more natural 'Swing Path' as well as creating your optimum 'Swing Plane'.

Lesson Image (click to enlarge)           Lesson Image (click to enlarge)

                  An example of a 'Swing Path'                                             An example of a 'Swing Plane'.


It is my intention, with my 'Body Movement Instruction', to talk about the importance of using co-ordinated and balanced 'Rotational Movements' to create space around your Body for your 'Hand & Arm Swing' to move freely into that will encourage a smooth and unrestricted free flowing Golf Swing. I am NOT going to talk about any movements or positions your 'Hand & Arm Swing' needs to get into within this instruction, you can access this Instruction by using this 'Hand & Arm Swing' lesson link.

  • The Hand & Arm Swing Lesson

    With my 'Body Movement Instruction' I have divided it into five simple lessons for ease of explanation and understanding.

    These are;

    1. Angles & Lines within your Address & Posture.
    2. Core Body movements into your Backswing.
    3. Core Body movements into your Downswing.
    4. Core Body Movements into your Hitting Area.
    5. Core Body Movements into your Through Swing.

    Within all of my 'Lesson Headings' I have given a clear description of positions together with an explanation of a movements that create each required position. I also describe the importance of using balanced and co-ordinated 'Movements' by encouraging your Upper Body (Stomach, Chest, Shoulder and Hips) to rotate over your Lower Body (Legs, Knees & Feet) throughout your 'Golf Swing', please enjoy!

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  • Angles & Lines in your Address & Posture Position.

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