Fairway Bunkers | An introduction to playing Fairway Bunker Shots.

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Fairway bunkers are strategically positioned either in or on the edge of the Fairway and they tend to be shallower in depth when compared to Greenside Bunkers. The technique used to play out of a Fairway Bunker is different to that used for a Greenside Bunker as the Clubface makes direct contact with the ball to create a clean ball strike and it is the Loft Angle of your Clubhead combined with the spin on the ball that will force the ball up and out the Bunker. 

I have divided my Greenside Bunker Instruction into 3 simple Lessons,

These are;

  1. Tips to help work your Bunker Shot out.
  2. The 'Address & Posture Position'.
  3. The 'Hand & Arm Swing'!


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With all of these 'Headings' it is my intention to give you a clear description of all the positions in the Address & Posture Position together with an explanation of some key points to help you create a square and balanced 'Position' to be able to play a 'Bunker Shot' effectively and efficiently, so please enjoy!

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Remember: Getting your ball out of the bunker is your first priority!





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Golf instruction by Ian Bailey, PGA Professional.