Putting Made Simple.

Within this 'Putting Lesson' I have purposefully divided the 'Putting Stroke' into three simple 'Phases' for ease of explanation and understanding. First of all I'd like to talk about 'How to identify your Putting Line and the Pace of your Putt' then I'll talk about creating the 'Address & Posture Position' to suit your Putting Stroke and finally I'm going to talk about the importance of making a smooth rhythmical 'Putting Stroke' by incorporating some simple and basic disciplines to encourage a repeating motion for every 'Putt' you make. This will encourage your 'Putting Stroke' to work consistently well in all playing circumstances and lower your putting statistics that will ultimately lower your scores!

Available Putting Lessons;

1. An Introduction To Putting.
2. Tips On How To Work Your Putt Out.
3. The Address & Posture Position.
4. Making A Simple Smooth Putting Stroke.

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- Simple Effective 'Golf Coaching' -

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An introduction to Putting

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An efficient 'Putting Stroke' should be a simple rhythmical motion that can be compared to the pendulum movement of a Grand Father Clock. Your 'Hand & Arm Swing' should be encouraged to Swing using the same pendulum motion with the length of your Backswing being the same as your Follow-Through Swing with the ball being struck in the middle of the swing. My aim with this 'Putting Instruction' is to give you an insight into how simple and efficient your 'Putting Stroke' can be providing some basic points and positions have been worked through!

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Tips On How To Work Your Putt Out.

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Before striking your 'Putt' you need to identify the line you would like your golf ball to roll along to the hole and the pace it needs to travel at to be able gain accuracy and consistency with you’re 'Putting' results. Within this 'Lesson' I have listed a few simple 'Tips' that will help you to effectively identify your 'Putting Line' and 'The Pace of your Putt'.

view the The Address & Posture Position lesson

The Address & Posture Position

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After deciding on the type of 'Putt' you would like to play turn your attention to creating your ‘Address & Posture Position’ that will create a foundation of Angles & Lines for you ‘Putting Stroke’ to perform from. Within this Lesson I will also recommend using a structured and disciplined routine to help create a square and balanced Address & Posture Position, this routine will be based around five major Positions at Address.

1.Club Alignment. 2. The Grip Position. 3. The Stance. 4. Ball Position. 5. Posture.

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A Smooth Repeating Putting Stroke.

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A simple 'Putting Stroke' to adopt is one in which no conscious wrist and hand action is used. This is done by creating a triangle with your shoulders and arms with your hands hanging freely at the bottom of the triangle and gently gripping the Putter, then gently rock your triangle up & down your 'Putting Line'. In this Lesson I will explain how to create this simple and effective 'Putting Motion' that will dramatically improve your Putting Performance.