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Inside this 'Pitching Section' I would like to talk about the importance of building a repeating foundation of points with every shot you play to encouraging your 'Golf Swing' to work consistently well in all circumstances and dramatically lower your scores!


Points such as;

  1. Helpful 'Tips' to work your Pitch Shot out.
  2. The Address & Posture Position.
  3. The Hand & Arm Swing.


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An introduction to Pitching

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A Pitch Shot is played differently to full shots and chip shots due to the distance they are played from. This type of Shot tends to be played from approximately 30yds to around 120yds away from the Green. Within this Lesson Section I will take you through how to work your shot out then work through the Address & Posture Position and finally work through the Golf Swing. When playing a Pitch Shot you need to encourage your 'Hands & Arm Swing' to control your balls distance and ball flight. As with a ‘Chipping Action’ your body weight will favour your Left Leg throughout the shot and your body will have very little rotational involvement to give more control and 'Feel' to your 'Hand & Arm Swing', so we need to understand how to create this type of action.

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Helpful Tips to work your Pitch Shot out!

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In this lesson I will explain how you can simply and easily workout your shot options to determine the best shot to play by taking in to account all the relevant information that the golf course is offering. To keep my points simple I am going to assume your ball is lying well and you have selected a Pitching Wedge to play with.

Playing shots by firstly working them out can and will result in lower scores!!

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The Address & Posture Position

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After working out how you are intend to play your Pitch Shot the next step is to create your Address & Posture Position. Inside this 'Lesson' I have listed Five Position Headings that make up your 'Address & Posture Position'. Within these 'Headings' it is my intention to give you a clear description of all positions together with an explanation of key points concerning each of these instructional headings.

'PLEASE DO NOT' try to incorporate all instructional information, into your Golf Game, without practice and only ever introduce 'One Change' at a time to avoid confusion!.

view the The Hand & Arm Swing lesson

The Hand & Arm Swing

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Your 'Hand & Arm Swing' can be a very simple and effective movement providing you have Addressed the ball correctly to create a foundation of 'Angles & Lines' for your 'Core Body Movements' to rotate around. As your Core Movements rotate space will then be created around your body for your 'Hand & Arm Swing' to move freely into thus creating a free flowing and unrestricted 'Golf Swing'. Your 'Hand & Arm Swing' is the last of three components that I would like to talk about in your Golf Swing when playing a Pitch Shot.