The Address & Posture Position.


Your 'Golf Swing' will always be under strain and travelling on an un-natural 'Swing Plane' & 'Swing Path' if positions in your 'Address and Posture' are at fault. Using a square and balanced Position suiting the club, the shot and the lie you are playing from will ensure you create a foundation of ‘Angles & Lines’ for your 'Golf Swing' to perform from!

My aim with this 5 lesson package is to give you a Professional's insight into the importance of building a controlled and balanced 'Address & Posture Position' by using a 'Disciplined' and 'Structured Routine' that will create a foundation for your 'Body Motion' and your 'Hand & Arm Swing' to perform from!

Lesson Image (click to enlarge)             Lesson Image (click to enlarge)                 Looking from a 'Head On View'.                                     Looking from a view 'Down the Target Line'.


To help assist you with your positioning I have listed some helpful and useful 'Tips' within a '5 STEP Lesson Routine'. that will improve your 'Address & Posture Positioning'.

For ease of instruction I have used a 7 iron throughout this instruction to keep my points clear, simple and focussed!

Your Address & Posture Positioning will change when using different clubs in your set so its important to Address the ball correctly to suit the club, the shot you have chosen to play and the lie you are playing from. This will encourage your 'Golf Swing' to move freely and consistently round Angles & Lines that have been created in your Address & Posture Position.


Every shot in golf has an 'Address & Posture Position' therefore great care needs to be paid to this Position!


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    - Simple Effective 'Golf Coaching' -

    view the Club Alignment lesson

    Club Alignment

    Price : FREE

    The most common 'fault' I see when giving a golf lesson is a player using poor 'Club Alignment' at Address.

    Aligning your Clubhead correctly is the first and most important part of your Address & Posture Routine as it creates a starting point for you to build your Address Position from.

    Within this lesson I offer simple and effective advice on how to identify your 'Target Line' then how to position your Clubhead squarely and correctly on to this all important line!

    Learning how to align your Clubhead correctly is a crucial part of your golf game!

    view the The Grip Position lesson

    The Grip Position

    Price : FREE

    A square and balanced 'Grip Position' is essential for you to be able to control your golf club and Strike the Ball consistently well. It will also create 'Feel' in your Hands that will ultimately enable you to control your Club-Face to then control your ball's Flight, Spin and Bounce.

    Within this lesson I will explain how to position both hands correctly on to the club's Grip Handle then I'll move on to explaining how both hands should 'Feel' balanced and relaxed that will enable your Hands to control the Club-Face.

    view the The Stance Position lesson

    The Stance Position

    Price : FREE

    Your 'Stance Position' is an essential part of your Address Position as it should give stability and balance for your 'Body Movements' and 'Hand & Arm Swing' to perform from.

    Within this lesson I will explain how to create a square and balanced Stance Position by positioning your feet and body weight correctly to the ball.

    view the Ball Positioning lesson

    Ball Positioning.

    Price : FREE

    Positioning your golf ball correctly in to your stance is a very important element of your Address Position as it affects the quality of the ball's strike, flight and trajectory.

    Within this lesson I will explain how to position your golf ball correctly in your Stance. I will then explain two different ball positioning methods that are commonly used in golf today.

    view the The Posture Position lesson

    The Posture Position

    Price : FREE

    The 'Posture Position' needs to create a foundation of 'Angles & Lines' for your 'Body Movement' & 'Hand & Arm Swing to rotate around.

    Within this lesson I will talk about the importance of creating your 'Vertical Balance Point' and 'Spine Angle' within your Posture Positioning. Controlling your Spine Angle is critical to your Golf Swing as it creates a focal point that acts like an axle in a wheel.

    If the axle remains in a central position the wheel will rotate efficiently but if the axle moves off its central point the wheel will break down and buckle, your Golf Swing works in a similar way to a wheel so controlling your Spine Angle is key!