'Mission Statement'

  • “Does your Game ever frustrate you?”

  • “Would you like to understand your Golf Swing and any Faults you may have?”

  • “Would you like to understand the causes of such faults then learn what action to take?”

  • If the answer is ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions I’m here to HELP by offering qualified advice to solve any swing issue you may have.

    I will do this by providing a structure of ‘Practice Techniques’ and Practice Drills that I guarantee, if practiced correctly, will improve the targeted area of your golf game AND will prevent you from ever practicing incorrectly again and unwittingly perfecting those unwanted faults!

    With all instruction the aim is to make this wonderful game as simple as possible to understand by offering you qualified advice that can be easily understood.

    Simply select the area of your game that you wish to improve from the list of lessons below then take a few moments to look at my instructional features especially the 'Free Ones' as these offer you the opportunity to understand, correct and instantly improve your golf games. 

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    The Address & Posture Position.

    This group of lessons will give you a Pro's insight into the importance of building a controlled "Address & Posture Position" by using a structured and disciplined pre-shot routine, thus creating a solid foundation for your "Body Movements" and "Golf Swing" to perform from.

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    Body Movements in the Golf Swing.

    To help build an effective Golf Swing the course of learning should starting from a square a balanced Address & Posture Position that then creates a foundation of Angles & Lines for your Core Body Movements to rotate round that will then create space around your Body for your Hand & Arm Swing to move freely into.

    Lessons within my Body Movements Instruction describe how to rotate your 'Body Core' (Stomach, Chest & Shoulders) round 'Angles & Lines' created in your 'Address & Posture Position' that will encourage consistency and feel in your Hand & Arm Swing.

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    The Hand & Arm Swing.

    Your 'Hand & Arm Swing' is the last of three learning point that I would like to talk about in your Golf Swing.

    The order of learning is:

    1. Your Address & Posture Position.

    2. Body Motions within the Golf Swing.

    3. The Hand & Arm Swing.

    Your 'Address & Posture Position' should create a foundation of 'Angles & Lines' for your 'Core Body Movements' (Stomach, Chest & Shoulders) to rotate round. This motion will then creating space around your 'Body' for your 'Hand & Arm Swing'(Golf Swing) to move freely into.

    Whenever you are 'Practicing' or 'Fault Finding your Golf Swing I would always recommend working through the same order of points!

    With all of my 'Hand & Arm Swing Instruction' I would like to assume your Address & Posture Position is set correctly to suit the Shot, Club and Lie you are playing from!

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    Putting Made Simple.

    A 'Putting Stroke' is a unique and individual part of a golfers game due in part to the wide variety of putters and putting styles that can be used. Within my 'Putting made simple Instruction' I have divided the 'Putting Stroke' into three lesson headings for ease of explanation,these headings are;

    1. Identifying your 'Putting Line'.

    2. Creating an 'Address & Posture Position' for your 'Putting Stroke'.

    3. How to make a 'Putting Stroke' and how to 'Putt' effectively.

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    Greenside Bunkers.

    When playing from a 'Greenside Bunker' your 'Clubhead' should be encouraged to strike down and through the sand to create an explosion of sand under the ball that will push the ball up and out of the bunker. If you combine a sound technique with the loft angle of your 'Clubface', it will create an action that drives the sand on to the ball to create this effect.

    Many golfers are fearful of 'Greenside Bunkers' due partly to the terms used to describe them, which are 'Hazards' or 'Sand Traps' or a 'Sandy Grave' etc... In this Greenside Bunker Instruction I am going to give clear a description of points to take into consideration when playing out of a 'Greenside Bunker'.

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    A 'Chip Shot' is played with a lofted club such as a 'Pitching Wedge', 'Sand Wedge' or 'Lob Wedge'. This types of clubs encourage your ball to fly through the air rather than along the ground and will encourage your ball to fly approximately 80% of its required distance through the air then roll the remainder of its distance along the ground to your Target.

    'Chip Shots' are normally played after your approach shot has missed the green so being able to 'Chip & Putt' will keep the scoring momentum going in your round and will dramatically lower your scores!

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    A Pitch Shot is played differently to full shots and chip shots because of the distance they are played from. A Pitch Shot tends to be played from an area approximately 30yds away from a green up to around 120yds away. When playing a Pitch Shot you need to encourage your 'Hands & Arm Swing' to control your balls distance and ball flight. As with a ‘Chipping Action’ your body weight will favour your Left Leg throughout the shot and your body will have very little rotational involvement to give more control and 'Feel' to your 'Hand & Arm Swing', so we need to understand how to create this type of action.

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    Chip & Run.

    Chip & Run shots are normally played after an approach shot has missed the green. They are played with straighter faced or less lofted clubs that will encourage the ball to fly approximately 10% to 20% of the required distance through the air and the remainder of its distance along the ground to the target.