Get a Quick Fix for your Golf Swing!

It's this easy...

Send a video of your golf swing to any video sharing service, copy the URL of the uploaded video from the address bar of your browser, then return here and paste it into the box below. Finally hit the "Buy Now" button and for just £5.00 a fully qualified PGA teaching professional will email you an assessment of your golf swing together with advice on how to fix any evident faults.

You can use any publicly accessible video sharing web site but just to help, here are a few suggestions...

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Play your best golf with!

What is the URL?

A URL or "web address" is the unique identifier of a web page. It can be found in the address bar at the top of your web browser beginning with the letters "http".

By clicking on the URL it will become highlighted for copying. Make sure you copy the whole of the URL to paste into the box below.