Equipment guide - Choosing the right golf club for you.

Every golf club has different characteristics which should be checked an altered to suit it's owner size and build.

This is called custom fitting. The pages within this section will help you with your custom fitting.

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Shaft Flex

The term "shaft-flex" identifies how flexible or firm your shafts are.

For example if you firstly swing a piece of hosepipe and secondly a brush stale and ensure both are the same length as a driver you will find that the hose pipe is very flexible and the brush stale is very firm.

Using the correct flex of shaft is essential because it helps you to control your club head at impact, which ultimately controls your direction and ball flight.

Golf shafts are made out of many different materials. The most common materials used are steel or graphite shafts.

Steel shafts are most commonly used in sets of irons. Shaft Flex image

Points that affect shaft flex.

Golfers size and build affects the shaft flex.

A tall/strong player may need a firmer flexed shaft to help control a quicker swing speed and a more powerful ball strike.

Power is not an issue with this type of player but controlling the club head is because of a quicker swing speed and strong ball strike at impact. A firmer flexed shaft will help with this example.

A smaller/ weaker player may need a flexible shaft to help control a slower swing speed and a weaker ball strike.

Creating power is an issue with this type of player. A slightly more flexible shaft helps create a little more power and helps with a stronger ball strike at impact.

If the wrong flexed shaft is used, too soft or too flexible for the player, then loss of control with ball flight and strike at impact will be caused.

Swing speed must be measured to help ascertain the correct shaft flex.

A slower swing speed means a softer or more flexible shaft is recommended.

An average swing speed means a regular flexed shaft is recommended.

A fast or strong swing speed means a firmer or stiffer flexed shaft is recommended.