Equipment guide - Choosing the right golf club for you.

Every golf club has different characteristics which should be checked an altered to suit it's owner size and build.

This is called custom fitting. The pages within this section will help you with your custom fitting.

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The term "Loft" identifies the angle of the clubface in relation to the neck or hosel of the club head.

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Lofts range from your Driver, which is the straightest or least lofted and increase up to your Sand wedge/Lob Wedges, which is the most lofted.

Lofts on your irons can be altered but unfortunately lofts on metal-headed woods cannot although club manufacturers supply a wide range of lofts. These tend to have One-degree difference between each club so you have a wide range of lofts to choose from!

If your preferred ball flight is a lower flight then use a lower numbered lofted or a straighter clubface loft.

If your preferred ball flight is a higher flight then use a higher numbered lofted or an increased clubface loft.

Most Professional Players use a loft called Tournament Loft. This tends to be two degrees lower lofted or straighter/stronger than a typical loft. Tournament Loft encourages a penetrating or lower ball trajectory with ball flight.