Equipment guide - Choosing the right golf club for you.

Every golf club has different characteristics which should be checked an altered to suit it's owner size and build.

This is called custom fitting. The pages within this section will help you with your custom fitting.

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Swing Weight

Swing Weight image

The term ‘Swing Weight’ identifies the weight of the club when it is being swung not the dead weight of the club.

Golf club manufacturers normally set swing weights so the whole set of irons are matched and a whole set of woods are matched. These weights can be altered to a heavier or lighter swing weight to suit the player.

Examples of Factors that Affect Swing Weights:

If we take a seven iron, three iron and a pitching wedge out of our matched set of irons it is noticeable that they all differ in length.

Swing Weight image

If we place a static/dead weight to our seven iron and the same weight to our three iron when we swing both clubs the three iron will swing at a heavier weight.

If we apply the same weight to our pitching wedge and 7 iron and swing both clubs the pitching wedge will swing at a lighter weight.

Swing Weight image

Another Example: If your shafts are lengthened the swing weight is increased. This increased swing weight can be counter-acted by either taking weight out of the club head or by adding weight at the grip end of the shaft to counter-act the increased head weight.

If shafts are shortened the swing weight will decrease, which can be counter-acted by adding weight to the club head.

Playing with the correct swing weight is important. The wrong weight will not only affect the clubs performance it will also un-balance your swing!

Identifying the swing weight that suits you is best found by trial and error. Try several different weighted clubs and feel the difference between each weight and the effect it has on your swing when hitting some balls on the practice range.

A club that swings at a weight, which is to heavy for your swing, can force your stronger muscles to dominate your swing.

A club that swings at a weight, which is to light for your swing, can create a quicker swing rhythm causing loss of control and lake of feel in your swing!