John McWilliams

Hi Ian
Thanks for the short lesson in the SwingZone at the Open. Can’t wait to get on the range to ‘turn left foot out with a wider stance and raise the right heel into thro swing’ yer a gent!
John (old bloke)

Bob Dunstone

Hi Ian,

I was a marshal at the Open and had a lesson with you in the SwingZone on Friday @ 17.00hrs.

You relaxed my grip pressure.

Played the Monday and struggled, felt the club was loose. Then played Tuesday and had 39points to win a charity day, best round for a long time.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Bob D

Nick Clarke

Hi Ian

The lessons are working wonders. Keeping the elbow down has helped big time.

Still getting used to it but just played the club 36 hole championship and shot 71 and 67 nett and that’s with a 7 on the 14 both days.

Definitely noticing the difference.



Benji Rogers

Wow awesome Ian

Just to let you know I took one of your online lessons last week and with the practice drills you’ve provided I’ve already seen a big improvement in my ball striking. Thank you Ian I’ll definitely be back for more !!

Mitchell Garner

I’ve been working with Ian for over 3yrs now and I’d recommend him to all without question!

His explanation is always simple and easily understood that he backs up with some fantastic swing drills designed to create feel in the swing to match up with his explanation. He’s also given me some awesome skills testing and fun packed practice games that have helped me to love me practice again resulting in me reducing my h’cap from 23 to 8 so far.

Thanks Ian, you are a credit to your coaching profession 🙂

Mark Goodge

Ian is an end-to-end golf coach. He will teach you all aspects of the game, building consistency and confidence that will positively influence every shot you make!

Waste your time and money on twenty minute short term swing fixes down the local range if you wish. But if you’re serious on improving your golf and playing your best possible game, spend some time with Ian.


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