Practice Drills

Repeating a position or swing motion on a regular basis creates a language your neurological system learns. This also creates muscle fitness (flexibility & strength) that ultimately creates an engrained feel (messaging) your body uses subconsciously when called upon, for example who taught you to walk? No-one, you taught yourself back in the day by continually trying to stand up, take a step then you’d fall down. Eventually through repetition you’d figured it out and learnt to walk, which is how we all learnt to walk! So my point is why can’t we apply the same learning principle to our golf games?

With this in mind I’ve created a series of Practice Drills that can be used to train a position or a swing motion. To get an insight into this type of learning simply choose a Category listed below to access a series of Training Drills that you’ll find cover all aspects of your game. Each lesson is a video tutorial that can be used as a practice tool by viewing it on your mobile device when practicing. You can also watch a lesson from the comfort of your home or even your work place but at break time of course!

As part of my coaching offer you’ll find a range of bespoke Online Lesson Packages designed to fix or develop any area of your game, wherever you are in the world. This starts with my FREE video content that leads into two levels of Premium Content with over 200 Lessons, Swing Drills & Practice Games to view. To access my ‘Premium Lesson Content’ simply Sign Up! This will open your chosen lesson and it’ll open all other ‘Premium Content’ in your chosen package for the duration of your sign up term.

There are four lesson packages available containing three levels of lesson content. The detail of each package can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Level I – relates to all Free lesson content.

Level II – relates to my 1 & 3 month lesson packages where you can access all Free content along with a range of Premium Lesson Tutorials, Swing Drills and Practice Games that have been designed to create a structure of practice to fix your swing fault. Please Note – within the 3 month package you can also access 3 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons where you send video of your swing. I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Lessons that will put your game back on track! Sign Up Here

Level III – relates to my 6 & 12 month packages that offer long term sustainable game development. If you are serious about improving your game and taking it to the next level these packages are for you! You’ll get full access to all Premium Lesson Content and all Swing Drills & Practice Games for the duration of the ‘Sign Up’ term. With my 6 month package you can access 6 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons and with my 12 month package you’ll receive 13 x V1 Lessons, where you send video of your swing. I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Golf Lessons designed to develop all areas of your game that will help you to reach your golfing potential. Sign Up Here


Chipping Drills
When playing any type of Chip Shot controlling your Ball Flight, Spin Rate and Ball Speed together with controlling the Ball's first bounce are all key skills required to achieve Chipping success.
Bunker Drills
Playing from a Greenside Bunker can sometimes be a troubling experience that if not checked could possibly damage confidence and flow into other areas of your golf game.
Pitching Drills
The key to Pitching is that once a solid technique is in place it’s easy to make improvement in your scoring game.
Putting Drills
Having a Putting Stroke that repeats will give you a huge advantage over your competition.
Swing Drills
The Golf Swing should be a free flowing motion that's primarily driven by your Hand & Eye co-ordination together with an ingrained Feel within the Hand & Arm Swing that are being used to control Club delivery to the Ball at Impact.
Resistance Drills
Using a Practice Drill is a great way to train a swing position or a swing motion and if continually practiced it will create an ingrained 'Feel in your Golf Swing'.
Balance Drills
Every shot you play has two forms of Balance, namely Still (Static) Balance and Balance in Motion (Swing Motion).
Home Practice Drills
A key point with his sentiment is the need to perform visually and subconsciously in a combative / competitive environment and NOT with technical or mechanical thought patterns. 
Visualisation Drills
We are all blessed with the skill of Hand & Eye co-ordination therefore as the hands hold the club its important we try to develop this skill by improving the relationship between the hands, eyes and the Club-face to improve ball performance.