V1 Swing Analysis

A ‘V1 Golf Lesson’ interactive video lesson is a great way of staying on top of your game where ever you are in the World! Simply take a video of your golf swing and send it through to me using the V1 Golf app where I’ll expertly analyse your clip and give qualified feedback to fix or improve your golf swing and keep you on the move to reach your golfing potential. All lessons can be used as a coaching tool by view a lesson on your mobile device in your practice session, lessons can also be viewed at home or even your work place but at break-time of course.


Here’s how to upload and use the V1 Swing Analysis App.

Step 1: Simply use this link to Download V1 Home and install the award winning FREE Software on to your Mobile Phone, iPad, Tablet or LapTop etc … Then launch the V1 Software and be sure to register yourself with the App. (Apple users should download from the Appstore, Android users should download from the Google Play Store.)

Step 2:  When you’ve downloaded & registered to the App simply use the app’s camera function to get your Golf Swing on to video, looking from a ‘Head On’ and ‘Down the Line’ view. Also be sure to edit each clip so it’s under 10 seconds in length to ensure the file size isn’t too large to send!

*Please use the camera function within the App to ensure your swing clip automatically uploads to your personal V1 Video Locker!

Step 3 Be sure to make Golfing Partner your preferred golf coach!  You can do this by searching the accredited V1 Coaching Academy List THEN once done hit ‘Send’ and your clip will automatically be sent to a member of our Coaching Team!!

Step 4: When you’ve sent your video AND IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER i’ll analysis your clip and send it back to you as a V1 Lesson. If you are not a subscriber but would like to purchase a V1 Lesson simply hit the Buy A V1 Golf Lesson’ button below where you’ll be taken to the secure PayPal Payment Gateway. Once this process is complete I’ll receive notification of your lesson purchase informing me your video is ready to view.

Step 5:  I’ll then professionally critique your swing, give audio feedback and use the V1 coaching tools to help deliver you your 1-2-1 Online Golf Lesson. Once complete I’ll uploaded your lesson to your personal V1 locker where you’ll receive notification your lesson is ready to view!  

If you need any further information or if you have any questions about this process please don’t hesitate to come back to me using the Contact Us form, I look forward to receiving videos!


Coaching Mission Statement:

  • I’ll expertly analyse your V1 video clip to understand your ‘Swing Fault’.
  • I’ll then identify and explain the ‘Cause of your Swing Fault’.
  • I’ll provide a cure to the ‘Cause of your Fault’ by using simple and effective practice techniques that will give lasting improvement!
  • I’ll offer on-going help & support with regular notification of newly posted Online Lessons, Golf Tips, Swing Drills & Practice Games.

Download V1 Golf App

To find the V1 Sports App search the Appstore for Apple users or for Android users use the Google Play Store Buttons sited below and simply download the App to your device.

Find my V1 Golf Profile

Once downloaded search for “GolfingPartner.com” in the V1 Golf App Academy list to find my instructor profile, enabling you to connect and send your video capture to me.

Send Your Video Directly

At this point you are ready to upload your video footage from your mobile device and send your swing video directly through your V1 Golf App to me at GolfingPartner.com

Receive Feedback

Once received, I will analyse to identify any issues then send you expert, personalised feedback via the V1 Golf App to help you improve your game and lower your scores!