Golfing Partner’s new Shot Shaping Section

The term Shot Shaping refers to a type of Ball Flight that is deliberately played to suit the situation you may find yourself in so for example it may be a flight such as a Draw, Fade, High or Low Ball Flight etc … These types of flights are commonly know as Shot Shapes that are typically played differently to a normally flighted or stock Ball Flight. 

Having the ability to manoeuvre the ball not only widens the margin of error thus reducing risk in the shot it also helps the player to mentally submerse themselves into the shot with visualisation. This is done by visualising the shot back from the ball at rest, back through the ball bounce, through the flight of the ball, all the way back to the ball strike so a mental picture is created to see the shot before it’s played, visualisation will also help to block out unwanted distractions as well!

With this in mind I’ve created a Shot Shaping section within Golfing Partner for you to enjoy. Simply head to the FREE Introduction Video that explains what is on offer in the Shot Shaping Section. Alternatively if you want to dive straight in just hit one of the Premium Ball Flight Tutorials that can be viewed on a wide range of devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, LapTops, PC’s, TV’s etc … Please Note – A ‘Sign Up’ is required to view any Premium Content. This will automatically remove the padlock shown on your chosen lesson that will also give you Unlimited Access to ALL other Premium Lessons for the duration of your ‘Sign Up’ term, to view the detail of each ‘Sign Up Package’ available simply head to the base of this page.

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