Students building a Par 3 Golf Course

Students at Maplewell Hall SEN (Special Educational Needs) School are excited as Leicestershire County Council have just give permission for a 6 Hole Par 3 Golf Course to be built at school that has been designed by Maplewell students in a PE Design & Development Group in conjunction with Golfing Partner’s Ian Bailey. Once complete not only will the students and staff use and maintain the facility it is also planned to invite other SEN Schools from around Leicestershire to use the golf course as well.

A huge thank you goes out to CR Civil Engineering who have very generously donated a team of men and machinery to do the bulk of the course build work.

If everything goes to plan the official opening of the golf course will be on June 24th where multiple SEN schools will be invited to enter teams of golfers to compete in Golf Tournament, two teams from Sheffield have already expressed an interest to play 🙂

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