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Putting is very much an individual part of the game with many different Putting styles and Putter shapes BUT every Putt comes down to two key points. The first is striking the Ball efficiently so it rolls on it’s axis point and the 2nd is the ability to read a Green, by taking into account of all the information the Putt is offering. To find out more why not checkout the Introduction Video that gives detail of this Lesson Series OR you could dive straight in by choosing a lesson to watch and start improving your Putting today!

As part of my coaching offer you’ll find a range of bespoke Online Lesson Packages designed to fix and develop any area of your game, wherever you are in the world. This starts with my FREE tutorial content that leads into two levels of Premium Content with over 200 Lessons, Swing Drills & Practice Games to view. To access my ‘Premium Lesson Content’ simply Sign Up! This will open your chosen lesson and it’ll open all other ‘Premium Content’ in your chosen package for the duration of your sign up term.

There are four lesson packages available containing three levels of lesson content. The detail of each package can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

  • Level I – relates to all Free lesson content.
  • Level II – relates to my 1 & 3 month lesson packages where you can access all Free content along with a range of Premium Lesson Tutorials, Swing Drills and Practice Games that have been designed to create a structure of practice to fix your swing fault. Please Note – within the 3 month package you can access 3 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons where you send video of your swing. I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Lessons that will put your game back on track! Sign Up Here
  • Level III – relates to my 6 & 12 month packages that offer long term sustainable game development. If you are serious about improving your game and taking it to the next level these packages are for you! You’ll get full access to all Premium Lesson Content and all Swing Drills & Practice Games for the duration of the ‘Sign Up’ term. With the 6 month package there are 6 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons available and with the 12 month package you’ll receive 13 x V1 Lessons, where you send video of your swing. I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Golf Lessons designed to develop all areas of your game that will help you to reach your golfing potential. Sign Up Here



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Putting Intro

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1. Work Your Putt Out

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2. Address & Posture

3. The Putting Stroke

Holing Out Game
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Holing Out Game

Putting Gate Game

Putting Spiral Game

Putting Stroke Drill

Eye Line Putting Drill

Putting & Pencil Drill

Knockdown Tee Game

Maltese Cross Game

Bladed Putting Drill


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